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At InfoWire Network Communications, we are dedicated to providing affordable web site hosting to any business or organization that realizes you must have a presence on the web in today's market to stay competitive. We know the public has the perception that if they can't get to you by WWW, you are ``small potatoes". It doesn't matter if  you are running a small restaurant, a bookstore, or a large hospital, a presence on the web shows you are dedicated to keeping up with the rest of the world.

If you want a small site just so you can simply be found, or if you want to have a large, complicated, comprehensive site, we can do it for you. If, later on, you decide  you want your own domain name so others can find you at
www.yourcompany.com, we can take care of your needs there too. We handle businesses both large and small, and your interests are ours.

InfoWire isn't just a cold web space provider. We take pride in your company and in the pages we design for you. We strive to  make your site attractive, original, and available to your target market.

We are also a local ISP in Ohio and in TX. We invite you to contact us so that we can discover how InfoWire Network Communications can help you.

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